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How Technology Can Help Your Ball Flight

Last week we looked at Steves video on the mechanics of how to hit a draw. While this is ultimately the most important factor we can also manipulate the ball flight with todays more modern drivers. In this video we will show you the difference between a standard driver and a draw bias driver and the results it has on your ball flight.

Our PGA Professional David Leathem took models from Taylormade, Ping and Callaway out onto the range and tested them to show how they can help promote a draw bias ball flight.

We have listed drivers that can help promote a right to left ball flight below for you to learn more information on each model.

Watch the video and see the results.

Callaway XR16

Callaway GBB Epic

Ping G400 SFtec

Taylormade M1

Taylormade M2 D-Type

Titlest 917

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