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Pre Shot Routine

Taking the range swing to the golf course is all a balance of how you practice. Working on your technique is extremely important but there is always a time and a place for this. Towards the end of your practice session take some time to work on your pre shot routine. The best way to achieve this is to play some imaginary holes on the driving range. Take a few holes from your golf course and play them out on the range. In your head mark off a fairway and green and start with 6 points. If you miss a fairway you would lose a point and the same with a missed green. The idea is you want to keep the same points total you start on. The key is to be critical and honest.

When doing this I want you to start your pre shot routine standing behind the ball. Think of Jason Day and Justin Rose as they are 2 players that really focus and visualise exactly what they are trying to do with their golf ball. Pick a small target in the distance and rehearse in your head want you want to see happen. Once you feel comfortable with this step into the ball, take one last look and pull the trigger. This should help you get away from just technique take your hard practice yo the course.

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