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The New Taylormade M5/M6 Family

The new for 2019 Taylormade M5/M6 Family:

This year Taylormade has pushed the boundaries even further with the latest technology in their clubs, promising to make 'every golfer faster'

In order to achieve this Taylormade originally create every M5 and M6 driver with an illegal face. You heard that correctly, every Taylormade driver for 2019 has to be slowed down! By doing this Taylormade can get every driver as close to the legal limit for speed as possible. 

So how do Taylormade do this? Well on the front of the new Taylormade M5/M6 drivers you can see two small screws. These are not adjustable in any way but are the two points where Taylormade inject what they call a tuning resin. This resin slows the face down the necessary amount to have the face bordering on the legal limit.

Taylormade M5/M6 Driver Face Technology

This new way of developing driver faces promotes faster ball speeds off the face, resulting in further drives. Now, everyone wants extra distance in their drives, but can't afford to sacrifice extra distance for less accuracy. So not only have Taylormade produced a driver to hit the ball further than ever before, but they have also brought back the revolutionary TwistFace technology originally found in the M3/M4 range of drivers.

For those who didn't know, TwistFace technology is revolutionary face curvature which provides a corrective face angle on off-centre hits. TwistFace reduces side spin on where golfers most often mis-hit the ball, high on the toe, and low on the heel.

With all this technology packed into the new Taylormade M5 & M6 drivers, plus the amount of adjustability available, with changes in loft, and weight position on the M5, and changes in loft on the M6, plus the draw bias D-Type M6 driver why not book a custom fit session with one of our trained fitters today and see how the new Taylormade drivers can improve your golf game this summer. 

Read more about the new Taylormade Drivers below:

Taylormade M5 Driver:

Taylormade M6 Driver:


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