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TrackMan radar technology has become the industry standard and bench mark monitoring device for club and ball measurement across all Professional Tours and club fitters. It provides the most accurate feedback in the industry.

TrackMan’s ultimate feature is it’s capability of measuring the critical data derived from the golf club and golf ball collision which enables an exact explanation for the distance and direction of any shot.

It use more than 20 data points which are split up into 2 categories, ball flight data and club data. Armed with all this information, our professionally trained experts are Andrew Morris Golf are able to show and explain the benefits of custom club fitting to you for a fee of £20. This includes 1 hour with a qualified fitter and 60 range balls.

Using TrackMan coupled with it’s iPad app, we are able to explain to you in a clear simple fashion the data TrackMan provides to improve your game.

Our ultimate goal is for you to achieve a greater level of performance in your game without changing you as an individual; this can only be achieved with custom club fitting.

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